Feb 28, 2011


I have decided I want a new name for my blog...I have no idea where to start though. Maybe one day I'll come up with something cute and clever. But for now I guess I'll just stick with this.

Since I had little Miss Sophie I have been half-ass trying to lose the rest of the baby weight. For all of like 2 weeks we did the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. And we were doing good with it. But for some reason, we didnt do it one night which led to us not doing it the next, and that was it. We never did it again! I am so not an at home work out person. I can find some many other things that I would rather do at the house than work-out. I hate doing laundry but if it came between doing laundry and working out, I would probably pick laundry. I just cant motivate myself to work out at the house. And I gained what little bit of weight I lost back. But since the beginning of the month I have been going to the gym pretty much everyday. At first I was just doing the eliptical and a little bit of weights trying to get myself back into shape. I am trying to start running too. Although I hate treadmills and running on them. Actually, I kind of hate running too but still I want to start doing it. And I started doing 2 of the classes they offer at the gym, rep reebok and zumba. I love Zumba...not so much this one though. When I did it at the Y in Springfield, it was so much fun and the instructor was actually hispanic and made up her own dances. These girls though, have no clue what they are doing and have a list of moves they follow and they do the moves to stuff like Lady Gaga songs. Its just crap...maybe I was spoiled. I dont know. But anyways, my point. Since the beginning of the month I have lost 11 lbs! And am officially back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, my body is obviously not quite the same and while I am pre-pregnancy weight I am not yet at my pre-pregnancy size. So I still have some toning to do but I am still happy about it. I have decided to set a 10 lbs weight loss goal for this month and next month (20 lbs total). I am determined to look hot in that bridesmaid dress in May and for the summer since we will be moving back to NC then. And while I doubt I will be sporting a 2-piece on the beach, I'd like to have the option and not look like a whale while I am laying out!

On another note, Sophie is full on crawling and is now pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! God help me!

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