Mar 18, 2010

Oh no...SHARK!

I was looking for Lyndon some new sneaker and sandals since it will hopefully start getting warm here. The sneakers he has are starting to get all scuffed and torn up which is fine for when he is out playing but he needs cute shoes to wear in public of course. I cant have my baby boy running around looking completely crazy! So I was looking on (Yes, I will confess I was looking for shoes for myself too! I want some cute flats!) Then I ran across these! Tell me they are freakin' adorable! A must have for little boys! Unfortunatley, the biggest size they have is a 7. Which is what he is wearing right now. But he wont be in it for much longer and if I'm gonna shell out 30 bucks for a pair of shoes I'd like him to be able to wear them for longer than a few months. I think I am going to order them for Tori's little boy Connor. They are too cute for me not to order!

Mar 17, 2010

I finally gave in...

and ordered some stinkin' maternity pants. And they just got here!!! I figured it was time since I can no longer wear most of my jeans with out the much loved Belly Band. And I of course had just gotten rid of any bigger clothes I had right before I found out I was pregnant. I managed to avoid maternity pants during my last pregnancy until a month before I had Lyndon. But then again I wore mostly sweatpants/drawstring stuff. But anyway, I found some cute capris on Old Navy's website.

And since it is still cold here and will be for God know how long I ordered some jeans too. I have to roll the capris an extra time since I'm freakishly short but they fit really good and I LOVE them!

On a side note, Sophie has been kicking NON-STOP! This kid will not stop...she is way too hyper! So hopefully other people will get to feel her kick because with the exception of Erika getting to feel Lyndon kick once, I dont think anyone else got to. He was stubborn and refused to kick if anyone put their hand on my belly.

Mar 15, 2010

Things my toddler says..

Lyndon has said the most random off the wall things since he started talking. However, lately they are getting even more random and nuts! I also have a feeling he is going to be that brother that lies about anything to get his little sister in trouble, claiming she hit him when she wasnt even in the same room as him. Yea, he already tries it with his daddy. He tells me his daddy spanked him this morning, knowing he hadnt even seen his daddy yet and was still asleep when his daddy left for work. So here is a list of a few things he has said lately:

-I love you in the world (I'm not quite sure where he got this from but he tells me this daily! I assume he means he loves me more than anything in the world)

-There was a zombie in my room this morning. That monster is gonna get it (he actually told me this one this morning..usually it's vampires or monsters)

-You smell like juice (This is apparently an insult! The first time he told me this he was mad and said it with a tone like I was an alcohlic and had been out drinking all night)

- My Sophie is hurting my belly (He has already begun blaming his problems on his sister...this usually means his tummy hurts. I guess he thinks there is a Sophie in there causing the problem)

-Mawmaw got me a jelly fish (Yea, your guess is as good as mine)

There are many many more so I'll add to this later. But for now I have to go see what he and the dog have gotten into!

Mar 8, 2010

It's a Girl!!!!

We found today that we are having a little girl! I am beyond excited even though I just knew it would be a girl this time! While they were doing the ultrasound Lyndon kept telling his daddy that baby looks creepy. Of course his response was 'Yea it does huh'. Thanks for encouraging him!!!! They are such boys. And although last time we were told it was a girl only to find out a few months later that it was a boy, this doctor seemed pretty sure. YAY! I sent out a mass text message as soon as we started leaving the doctors office of course to inform anyone I could. Then went to the store to buy her some girly clothes! Its been killing me not knowing because I have been wanting to buy baby stuff since I found out I was pregnant. Well since I got over the shock that I was pregnant again. Lyndon is coming around to the idea of it now too. Haha. After they were done with the ultrasound they gave us some of the pictures to keep of course and Lyndon kept pointing to them saying 'That's my baby'. It was too cute. He and his daddy then started fighting over whose baby it was. I think they just like arguing and getting each other worked up. But that is it for now. Just wanted to update this a little.