May 29, 2010

fishing and happy meals

I thought today I was going to get a relaxing day all to myself. Lyndon was going fishing with his daddy. And I was going to get groceries (yea I know, on Memorial Day weekend! How insane do I have to be) and do some house work that I cant really get done with Lyndon here. Then relax the rest of the day! Atleast that was the plan. So after getting up and making the boys blueberry pancakes, cleaning the kitchen up and getting a quick shower, we headed to Wal-mart to get a few things they needed to go snacks and a small ice crest because my girly polka-dotted cooler bag was just not acceptable for someone to have in his boat. Then we had to get shinners from the bait shop and gas for the boat then more gas for the boat because he refuses to just fill the boat up on his way to the lake....and oh my God it's never ending! Finally, they get everything ready and leave!!!! And my relaxation can begin. So I thought! I figured I should make a shopping list and somewhat meal plan for the week so I wouldnt be in the store ALL day. Just as I get that finished, I get a phone call. Apparently Lyndon wanted to come home. He was tired of fishing and wanted mommy. It had only been an hour!!!! Now considering how excited and happy he was that he was going fishing with Daddy, I'm not sure how believable that is. I think someone else was getting aggravated and wanted Lyndon to go home! But whatever, I agreed to come get him. And the whole way home all I heard was 'I wanna go fishing with my daddy'. Ahh 3 year-olds! So I got him a Happy Meal which quieted him for a while and told him daddy would take him again tomorrow. So much for a day to myself....

{Its a bit shaky because we were in the car but its still cute!}

May 27, 2010

baby bedding

As of today I am 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Needless to say, I am ready to have this baby. I had an appointment yesterday and he said everything is looking good and on track. And at my next appointment (June 14th) we arescheduling my C-section!!! I'm due the 13th of July and he wants to do it atleast a week before that so I dont go into labor. So roughly 6 weeks to go!!!! Which means I need to get down to business and start making sure I have everything. I'm currently trying to decide on which baby bedding I want even though we arent getting her crib just yet. I'm gonna wait until I heal some from my C-section first. Its gonna be hard enough getting up and doing stuff anyway with out having to lift her in and out of a crib. Atleast thats the plan for now. But anyway, so far this is the 2 choices I narrowed it down to. I'm sure I'll more I like between now and then though

May 7, 2010

Because who doesn't love pictures

I'll really update later but for now here are some pictures I've been meaning to post!
{Lyndon & his homie Ronald}{I told him to open his eyes so I could take a picture and this is what I got}

{He thinks he is soo cool in hooded towels!}

{Playing at the park}

{And on the way home...he played HARD!}