Dec 30, 2009

It is turning into a ZOO around here

I really suck at keeping up with this thing. I thought once school ended this semester I'd have time to post. That wasnt the case! Oh well. I'm gonna try harder to keep up with it though and post on a regular basis. I guess I should have more motivation now since, well it is really going to turn into a zoo around here in July. That's right...I'm pregnant again. This was by no means planned! God help me!!! So I supposed this will turn into somewhat of a pregnancy blog, at least for a little while. I'm due July 13th but since I am opting for another C-section he said he will schedule it for the week before...some time around the 6th. And had our first appointment on the 17th and said I was 6 weeks along. I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I am pregnant. Took quite a while to face it though. We found out around the 4th of November. And after a few days of crying and panicing I figured there isnt much I can do now. Lyndon took much longer to accept it. He is just now warming up to the idea. For the longest time he refused to believe or say he was going to be a big brother or that there was even a baby in my belly. I now have him convienced he is going to have a sister and her name is Sophia. Of course, some one else isnt too happy about that. He has his heart set on another boy. Tough will be a girl or I will be switching babies in the hospital haha!