Mar 13, 2009

Emily will be so thrilled..

I finally went to David's Bridal today. I tried on the dress and went ahead and ordered it. It so much prettier in person too. Not that I didn't think it was before. It should be here around April 24th or so they told me. You never can trust those people though. Hopefully they don't screw up everything and loss my dress or something. But anyway, that was it. I thought Emily would like to know so she didn't have to worry about it anymore. And I even took a picture..although I was talking and making faces and didnt realize Vickie was taking the picture yet. Ha ha, oh well.

Also, a few pictures of Lyndon from the store. They arent great but like before...he is a wiggly 2 yearold and its with my camera phone.

Mar 5, 2009

It's already beginning...

I decided to take Lyndon over to the little playground they have in the apt. complex since it was a fairly nice day. I thought it would be good for him and maybe wear his little butt out. And since the temperature here is still usually in the 30's, if not lower, there hasn't been much chance to take him out. So today when I was able to go outside in less than 4 layers of clothing and be comfortable in a t-shirt, it was a perfect day to get him out. After his nap I get him ready and just mention the word playground and he was ready to go. He stood at the door waiting very impatiently for me to get my shoes on. We walk across the parking lot to the playground. Well I walked, he hauled butt over there. And as we were almost to the gate, a little girl who was maybe 7 years old said "He is so cute!". I told her thank you and took Lyndon to the slide. He loves going down the slide. So he goes down a few times. Then that girl's little sister, who I'm guessing is about Lyndon's age, starts following him around. She then proceeds to grab his hand and escort him to the stairs to go back down the slide. This little girl bossed him around the whole playground the rest of the time we were out there. And he just let her. It had to be the cutest thing ever. She wouldn't let him go up the stairs unless he was holding her hand. He would fall on the ground and she would run to him and start trying to pull him up. I couldn't help but laugh and take pictures of course. Her sister told me that her little sister really likes him and that she had like 3 boyfriends. And yes, Lyndon is now one of those! I don't think I'm prepared for him to be having girlfriends yet...especially if he turns out to be like his daddy.

But anyways, here are the pictures. Try arent the best because I took them with my phone and its hard to take pictures of kids running around. The last one is when he and Clifford got into a disagreement about which way they were gonna go. Apparently you dont disagree with Clifford!

Mar 3, 2009

Just for Auntie Erika!

Last night when I was talking to my sister Erika, she claimes to have never seen pictures from Halloween. So there they are...ENJOY!

Oh..the countdown for Lyndon's birthday has begun. He told me there is only 26 days left!