Feb 20, 2009

The First!

So, I've had this thing for a while now and have yet to post anything on it. Between being a complete slacker, chasing around Lyndon and trying to workout as much as I can, this thing seemed to fall pretty low on the list. But, I figured it was time for an update. So where to begin...

We are currently in Springfield, IL. It's really nice here. Well, except for that whole snow thing and the negative degree weather. It didn't take long to get over the excitement of snow. Lyndon absolutely loves it though. Fortunately, it hasn't snowed as much as it usually does. But if I had to choose between the snow or the insanely hot summers of Louisiana, I would hands down pick the snow.

I realized today that Lyndon's birthday is in a little over a month. I cant believe my little boy is going to be 2! It doesnt seem like it has been that long since I had him. He is turning into such a little man. He has gotten so independent and has such a little attitude. We are currently working on potty training. Its turning into more of a task than I thought it would be. Somedays, I cant get him off the potty and others he refuses to go. He is so stubborn! I wonder where he gets that from. And apparently his favorite word at the moment is 'No!' Terrible two's is going to be so much fun!

A few months back we got a membership to the Y. And pretty much since then, it seems like that's the only place I go. I guess thats good though. I entered into a contest the Y was doing with one of the other recruiter's wife, Vickie. It like the Biggest Loser. Well its supposed to be like that. This is the first year they have done it so its a bit unorgainzed. We have to weigh in weekly with our partner. And then every other week we weigh in with our coach and do our "Last Chance Workout". Which is insane! Our coach Cindy is the devil...I swear she is. I make sure to tell her that every chance I get. And even though I highly doubt we will win, I figured it would keep us moivated and going to the gym. I'm making progress too. Since the contest started, which was Jan. 19th, I have lost 14.6 lbs. I still dont really see the differnce in my body though.

But anyway, I guess thats it for now.

Lyndon wanted to give a shout out though to his Auntie Erika and Uncle Josh ( and of course Lily too) He thought you might enjoy a picture of him in the shirt you got him!