Feb 11, 2011

I'm back!

I never get to update this thing...but then again with 2 kids, I rarely have time to myself and usually when I do there is house work to do! Its never ending!!! A couple months ago I thought, hey I'll make a page for both of the kids so I could update about them and have my own blog to talk about whatever I wanted and I would for sure keep up with them. Yea, that was in November and I made one post on each, mostly pictures. So I guess it is just back to one blog. But I am determined to keep up with it from now on! So while I cook dinner (Ill post the recipe tomorrow if it is good) and Sophie is content playing with her sippy cup on the kitchen floor, I figured now was a better time than any.

As for the kids:
Lyndon is 46 days away from turning 4! I'm still in complete shock that my baby boy, my first born, my little man is about to to be 4. Where did the time go?!? It doesnt seem in any way that it has been 4 years. But apparently it has! He is so independent and at time very helpful. He however has discovered how to lie! God help me!!! He tried to convience me today that it was Valentine's Day because he wanted this lion thing I got him that has chocolated covered animal crackers in it. And after asking for it and me tell him no because it was for Valentine's Day, he quickly told me "Momma, I saw on T.V. earlier that they said Valentine's Day starts right now". I couldnt help but laugh at him! Where does he come up with this stuff?!? And he is quick about it too...
Sophia is 7 months old. And the cutest thing ever if I do say so! She is a sweetheart and absolutely adores Lyndon. I have no idea why! She is slowly starting to get over being such a Momma's girl. I think it helps that I actually leave her with her daddy more now since she doesnt require me as often for eating. She has just started crawling too! She hasnt quite mastered it yet but she is getting pretty good at it. I left her on the living room floor earlier playing with toys and came into the kitchen to put dishes away. When I returned, she was down the hall in Lyndon's room playing with his toys. I am going to have my hands full with her!
On another note, we have to take her to the Pediatric Cardiologist in Springfield on the 15th. Her doctor notices a heart murmur when she was 2 weeks old and said if it was still there at 6 months they would do an echo. Well at her 6 month checkup the doctor still heard it so we went in for an echo and they sent everything to the Pediatric cardiologist in Springfield because there isnt one in Jacksonville. Needless to say, when the nurse called and said we actually had to take her to see the cardiologist I started freaking out. I had to call the nurse back to find out what she even said. She said Sophie has a mild Pulmonary Vavle Stenosis. From what I understand, it like a blockage or thicking of the wall in the vavle of the heart that pumps blood to her lungs. So I guess we will find out Tuesday what happens next.

And as for me, not much has changed. I still trying to lose all the weight I gained while I was pregnant with the little angel. So much for losing it all while breastfeeding. But we got membership to a different gym in town...World Fitness. So far I like it...alot better than the Y here atleast. Its been almost a week since we started going...minus a few day when we had the flu. Yea, that is a whole another story thought, talk about miserable! But I am about 6 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. So yay for that! But I have to lose that plus some so I can fit and look cute in a bridesmaid dress in May. So the journey begins again!

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