Jan 6, 2010

The Shrinking Pants

I found this pretty hilarious and felt the need to share. My darling husband has been a constant weight pretty much the entire time I have known him. So over the past few months he has gradually been gaining a little weight. Which isn't a big deal to me, I love him regardless. However, the Marine Corps does have so pretty strict rules about their weight and if they go over their max weight they start monitoring them pretty hard and it is just a big ordeal. Not to mention it looks really bad in his records. Well ever since he started gaining weight, he has started weighing himself like a girl on a diet. I swear he weighs himself at least 3 times a days. Its crazy but funny. I have been suggesting that we start working out together. Which he always finds an excuse not to.
Monday morning I got up with him while he got ready for work. With the exception of like 2 days this was the first day he has really had to go to work since Christmas eve. As he was putting on his uniform pants he began cussing and carrying on. Not know what was actually going on, I came into the living room to see that he couldn't button his pants! He then insisted that his pants had shrunk! At that point, it took everything I had not to start laughing. Determined it was because of those pants, he made me go get another pair out of the closet. Yea, turned out those pants didn't fit him either. Which I found ever more hilarious. He just kept getting even more mad and saying his pants must have shrunk. I had to hide my face several times so he wouldn't see how funny I thought this was. All I could think was 'Yea it must be the pants, not the lbs you gained.' Now I will give him some credit, his uniforms are tailored to fit him just right and any loss or gain in weight changes the fit. But just the fact that he was in such denial made this hilarious to me. I know, I am hateful for that.