Feb 15, 2011

Doctor appt. update

Well Sophie has her appointment this morning with Dr. Onal, the pediatric cardiologist in Springfield. I went into this not really sure what to expect. I mean, I knew she had a mild pulmonary vavle stenosis. They had already told me that. But I wasnt sure if they would want to do anything about it in the near future or what. I think in my head I had decided that it had to be somewhat of a big deal if they actually wanted us to come to Springfield to see the cardiologist instead of just having her pediatrician tell us what was going on. So we went to the hospital (thats where his office is). They weighed her and she had gained a pound since her 6 months checkup...which I think is good considering she is gaining weight slower. Anyway, they did a quick echo to get current images of it I guess. And Dr. Onal came in and pretty much told me what I already knew from looking it up online. He said there is a chance it could get better. It could stay the same and grow with her which would be good. Because as of now it doesnt effect her really. Or there is a small chance it could get worse. Usually if it hasnt gotten worse by the time she is a year old, it probably wont. We have to go back in 3 months to have another echo done. However, I dont understand why they couldnt have had her doctor tell us this instead of having me stressed out and worried for the last month. But for now everything is ok with her. Lets just pray it stays that way!
And now we are off to the gym for Zumba!!! I love Zumba. This is the first time I have done it since I got pregnant so it has been a while...I'm excited!!!!

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Praying for Soph! Text me and keep me updated with everything. I don't have your number anymore, my phone went bonkers awhile back.