Jun 22, 2010

And the countdown begins

According to the countdown thing on my desktop we only have 15 days until Baby Sophia comes! Thank god!!! I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. I'm having mixed emotions of course! I am ready to have her but then again I'm not sure how I am gonna handle having a newborn and toddler! And for some reason, I am terrified I am going to go into labor one night. I dont think I ever worried about it with Lyndon. But then again I wasnt planning a c-section with him.
Lyndon promised today that he would help change diapers and feed her too. Let's see how that goes. I'm sure once she comes it will be a completely differnt story. He is continuing to sleep in his bed too. The first couple nights he would try to sneak in our room if he woke up. But unfortuantly for him I am usually awake. And I guess after a few nights of being told to go back to his room, he got the point. The last couple of nights if he woke up he stayed in his bed and usually called for me until I came to see what was going on. Even during a pretty big storm he didnt try to come in our room. I figured he would have, and I probably would have let him get in our bed then. However, he called for me and when I went to his room he said 'Momma did you hear that thunder?' and I said 'Yea baby, go back to sleep'. And he did! He does require like 3 stuffed animals in his bed but hey atleast he is sleeping in his own bed!

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