Mar 23, 2011

Curse you Easter!

Ok ok I dont actually curse Easter..not the real Easter. Just this commercially driven Easter with plastic eggs and oh so yummy candy! I think it is the one time of year I hate the most. Only because of my weakness for certain candy that can only be found this time of year. I am having to learning self-control again after my last pregnancy. I went into it after losing 50 lbs and eating healthy. And once I was past the months of thinking I would puke if I even looked at food and the cravings started, that was pretty much the end of self control and eating healthy. I didnt eat horrible but if I really wanted something I would eat some. And all those things I had cut out of my diet were back. This time around it is so much harder for me to eat as healthy as I was. I wish so bad I would have been healthier during my pregnancy but its too late for that. So back to my point. During this time of year and with my current weakness in self countrol I am trying so hard and slighty failing at avoiding these certain Easter candy:

{Hershey Candy coated Eggs}

Yummy!!! I blame my mom for this one...she always bought a tons of these every year!

{Cadbury Mini Eggs}

They has such an odd taste but God I love them

{Dove Easter Bunny}

My sweet/evil husband brought me one of these when I was having a bad day. I love me some Dove chocolate and a solid bunny made of it, what could be better?!?! I didnt even know these things existed until this year

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