Mar 8, 2011's BIGFOOT!

This is Bigfoot. He has been part of the family since Christmas. He is a pretty cool toy too..he does and says all kinds of things. But usually he is just sitting on a wooden stool by the door in Lyndon's room. And since Sophie has started crawling, she often ventures off into Lyndon's room. At first she would always stop and stare at him, I guess to make sure he wasnt moving or going to get her. Or maybe she just wasnt sure what that crazy looking thing was. Anyway, after a while she would touch him and "talk" to him. So the other day Lyndon decided he wanted to play with him so we charged up his battery. I figured it wouldnt be a big deal to Sophie since she has gotten used to seeing him and often tries to play with him. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as he started moving and saying things, she flipped out! I wish I would have had my camera ready but I couldnt find it at first. And by the time I did, she has started warming back up to him. I did a picture of her crawling away crying and a short video. Yes, I am probably a horrible mom for finding it funny, but it was! And it wasnt like she was getting hurt. I couldnt get the video to load :( but here are a few pictures

This isnt Bigfoot's first scaring either. As soon as he came out of his box, he began to scare cousin Lily. He wasnt even turned on and she was terrified!

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