Jun 8, 2010

husband training classes

I am really starting to believe they should offer some kind of class to train your husband much like puppy training classes. But not so much for manners and all of that. More like how to fix things. Maybe I'm wrong for this, I don't know. Maybe I'm still just used to how my dad did things even after being out of his house for years now. Or maybe I was used to doing things on my own because even though I was married, he was always deployed or gone training and now that he is not in a deployable job he is around to do the normal stuff husbands do. It could just be a little of it all. Who knows. However, I would honestly enroll him in these classes if they existed. Or just send him to stay with my dad for a few weeks so he could teach him. Just like he told me that I needed to stay with his mom for a few weeks so I could learn how to cook some of his favorite stuff. After that comment he received very dirty looks and I told him that he could go stay with his mom for a few weeks and learn how to cook whatever he wanted. Yea, sorry darling but your favorite stuff is stuff I do not like. I know how to cook it, I just chose not to most of the time.
But anyway back to the subject. I'll give you an example...mowing the grass. Now, I'm thrilled he wants to go outside and mow the grass every Sunday. However, I'd like him to do it the right. And if I wasn't currently 8 1/2 months pregnant I'd just do it myself. I have no problem mowing the grass. My dad would make us do it a lot...and why not that's what kids are for. He taught us how to do it right too. You would go around the whole yard like 2 times where the grass would blow into the area you were about to cut instead of the neighbors yard or side walk or whatever. Then go the opposite direction so all the grass blew into where you just cut and didn't blow into what you were about to cut. That way you weren't mowing over what you had already cut and you actually cut the grass you were trying to cut. And your blade didn't get clogged up with all that grass. Make sense??? It does to me...maybe I over explained that. Now I'm not saying my dad's way is the only way and its right but it makes a lot of sense. My husband's way, not so much. He cuts it so that the grass blows into the area he is about to mow. Which then causes the grass to not all get cut and the grass builds up on the blade And it makes it harder for him to push it. And its just a mess. And no matter how many times I say something about it he wont listen! So I just let him do it the hard way since he wants to be stubborn.
Another class they should offer is on how to fix appliances. I love my husband but he is just not very handy. He usually doesn't even attempt to be. He would rather pay somebody to fix things than to even try himself. But in reality he doesn't even want to pay somebody to do it either...he just expects it to fix itself. I grew up in a house where my dad would at least attempt to fix things and usually did before he would even consider paying someone else to. Our washer recently broke and I just wanted him to look at it to see if he could possibly figure out what was wrong with it. He took the back off and that was as far as he got. And it has sat there ever since. And when I mentioned buying a new washer and dryer he almost had a heart attack. We can spend money on whatever ridiculous thing he is into this month but on things we actually need, its just not happening! Ugh men!!!
Yea, this kind of turned more into a rant about my husband but oh well...


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I totally agree! Jeremy doesn't do crap the way I think it should be done. He also wrecks my car more often than anyone should wreck something and acts like I'm crazy for being mad when he does.

Lisa said...

It's just as well that he doesn't attempt to fix things, he would probably make it worse. Just locate the number of a good handyman and call him to fix things. Hubs can complain about the cost, but he'll get over it.