Jun 16, 2010

21 Days and counting...

until we have baby Sophia Lyn! We are scheduled to have her July 7th at 12. It wasnt our first choice in days. Mainly because it is one of Clem's Uncle's Birthdays and his oldest sister's wedding anniversary. And we pretty much just didnt want to hear for the rest of our lives how we had her on that day because of them...blah blah blah. However, the stupid hospital didnt have any times open on any other days that week I guess. My plan is to make myself go into labor before then though haha. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should just have her when she is ready to come instead of having a c-section. But it makes it harder for our family that is coming up for the birth to make plans and what not.
So for the first time in I don't even know how long, Lyndon slept the whole night in his big boy bed in his room! Thank God!!! Now I just have to get him to keep doing it. We made the mistake of letting him sleep in our bed when he was not even a year old because he was pretty sick and it was pretty much the only way to get him to sleep. And ever since then we have been trying to get him out! Once we got his big boy bed he would sleep in it for a few hours then come crawling in our bed and we were usually barely awake so we just let him stay in there. Then when we moved here, his daddy had him terrified that there were monsters and vampires in his closet so of course there was NO way he was going to sleep in there. So I moved his bed to our room thinking it might help. It did a little but then it just made it easier for him to get into our bed. And as much as I would try to get him to stay in his bed, someone else would always let him get in our bed. But with the new baby coming (and NO she will never get in our bed, I have learned my lesson!!!!) I thought it was time to move his bed back to his room and get really strict about things with him and his daddy. And last night around midnight when he woke up thinking he would be sneaky and crawl in bed between us I carried his little butt back to his room and told him he was not getting in our bed. And after trying another time, his daddy told him to go back to his room and I guess he got the point cause he curled up and went to sleep and stayed there all night and until about 8 this morning!!!!
Thats all for now. Just wanted to update while I'm baking cookies...malted chocolate chip. Saw the recipe on Pioneeer Woman and thought I'd try them! Hopefully they are as good as they smell!

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I was looking at those same cookies let me know how they turn out! Yay for Lyndon sleeping alone, I don't think Josh ever will. Him and Laura have cuddled every night since he came home.