Mar 18, 2010

Oh no...SHARK!

I was looking for Lyndon some new sneaker and sandals since it will hopefully start getting warm here. The sneakers he has are starting to get all scuffed and torn up which is fine for when he is out playing but he needs cute shoes to wear in public of course. I cant have my baby boy running around looking completely crazy! So I was looking on (Yes, I will confess I was looking for shoes for myself too! I want some cute flats!) Then I ran across these! Tell me they are freakin' adorable! A must have for little boys! Unfortunatley, the biggest size they have is a 7. Which is what he is wearing right now. But he wont be in it for much longer and if I'm gonna shell out 30 bucks for a pair of shoes I'd like him to be able to wear them for longer than a few months. I think I am going to order them for Tori's little boy Connor. They are too cute for me not to order!

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