Mar 17, 2010

I finally gave in...

and ordered some stinkin' maternity pants. And they just got here!!! I figured it was time since I can no longer wear most of my jeans with out the much loved Belly Band. And I of course had just gotten rid of any bigger clothes I had right before I found out I was pregnant. I managed to avoid maternity pants during my last pregnancy until a month before I had Lyndon. But then again I wore mostly sweatpants/drawstring stuff. But anyway, I found some cute capris on Old Navy's website.

And since it is still cold here and will be for God know how long I ordered some jeans too. I have to roll the capris an extra time since I'm freakishly short but they fit really good and I LOVE them!

On a side note, Sophie has been kicking NON-STOP! This kid will not stop...she is way too hyper! So hopefully other people will get to feel her kick because with the exception of Erika getting to feel Lyndon kick once, I dont think anyone else got to. He was stubborn and refused to kick if anyone put their hand on my belly.

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I feel ya on the rolling pants. Short is too short and regular is too long. Laura went to about the last two months before buying maternity clothes. So her name is Sophie? What is the middle name? Super cute by the way, put up a ultrasound pic!