Mar 8, 2010

It's a Girl!!!!

We found today that we are having a little girl! I am beyond excited even though I just knew it would be a girl this time! While they were doing the ultrasound Lyndon kept telling his daddy that baby looks creepy. Of course his response was 'Yea it does huh'. Thanks for encouraging him!!!! They are such boys. And although last time we were told it was a girl only to find out a few months later that it was a boy, this doctor seemed pretty sure. YAY! I sent out a mass text message as soon as we started leaving the doctors office of course to inform anyone I could. Then went to the store to buy her some girly clothes! Its been killing me not knowing because I have been wanting to buy baby stuff since I found out I was pregnant. Well since I got over the shock that I was pregnant again. Lyndon is coming around to the idea of it now too. Haha. After they were done with the ultrasound they gave us some of the pictures to keep of course and Lyndon kept pointing to them saying 'That's my baby'. It was too cute. He and his daddy then started fighting over whose baby it was. I think they just like arguing and getting each other worked up. But that is it for now. Just wanted to update this a little.

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