Apr 26, 2009

Our trip to LA!

I thought maybe I should upload a few pictures from our trip to LA that didnt involve half dressed men. While we were down, we spent the night in Baton Rouge with Aunt Erika, Uncle Josh and Lily. Erika and I took the kids to this cool Spray Park in Gonzalez. I wanted to play in it so bad. There are apparently some cute pictures from it that someone should email me!!! *hint *hint But anyway, before we left town me and Lyndon tagged along on Erika's class field trip to a park. Lyndon had a ton of fun playing with the big kids. I managed to get a few pictures of him too. He isn't as camera friendly as he was when he was younger. Stubborn little boy!

{He LOVES to swing!}

{Right after, this he shoved the camera away as if I were paparazzi}

The night before Emily's wedding shower turned in to quite an eventful night as well. I was put in charge of getting a cake for the shower. And since my first 2 choices in bakeries was booked up for the week and I was trying to avoid going to Wal-mart, I stupidly listened to my mom's boss. I ended up ordering a cake from a random lady in Natchez that mom's boss knew. I wish I had taken pictures of this cake. It was a complete disaster. It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It has dark brown chocolate icing with white icing trimming and very tacky things all over it. I decided I would justorder a cake from Wal-Mart because I was not showing up with that thing! Emily didnt want me to get another cake so we decided to fix it ourselves. Well, neither of us have experience in this but we have both seen tons of Food Network Challenges and figured it couldnt be that hard. We bought fondant, icing and dye. Then took the cake to my monther-in-laws since she knows how to pipe icing. We got her to smooth everything out as we rolled out the fondant. That turned in to quite a task. That stuff was hard! We finally got it rolled out enough and attempted to put it on the cake. The corners were the hardest part and ended up looking kind of bad. So I dyed some of the fondant and cut circles out of it to place over the corners. And we had Linda pipe pink icing around the cake. That crazy lady got a little too out of control and "tried to fix" the corners for us. Which ended up looking crazy. But by the time we finished the cake it turned out ok...alot better than it had to start with! I am very proud of our work especially since neither of us have every even tried to do this before.

{the finished product!}

{the corner after Linda had finished with it}

{Lyndon eating powdered sugar}

{ he LOVED that stuff!}

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Erika said...

I really am super impressed by that cake. I bought some fondant a while back at the dirt cheap (it's sealed up, don't worry) and I was thinking of using it to decorate Lily's birthday cake, but I'm very intimidated by it. Now, I think I might be inspired to give it a try. You'll have to call me with some advice though