Apr 6, 2009

A couple days ago while I was driving around I saw these red clover flowers that I remember seeing all the time when we lived out on the Trace. I'm sure I have seen them all the time but for some reason that day it brought back alot of memories. So I started thinking back and remembering random stuff. I remember there was a time when momma and daddy made us go take pictures on this slope on the side of the road that was covered in those flowers. It was so random and I'm sure none of us wanted to do it either. For some reason, thinking about that made me think about how we would go easter egg hunting out there.So then I started thinking about how every Easter at church NuNu would made these huge prize eggs for the Easter egg hunt. They were like 10 times as big as the regular eggs and they always had good stuff in them...the good candy and money. Those were the eggs we would spend the entire time searching for. At that point it really hit me for the first time since her funeral that she passed away. I wont be able to watch and laugh at her while she sings and dancing around in her kitchen to her Conway Twitty cd. Or pick on her because she has a boyfriend or that I caught her kissing him in the driveway. It is so hard to believe that this time last year, me and Lyndon were staying with her and she was perky and healthy and just so full of life. And now, she is gone. I am so thankful and lucky though that I had her in my life for so long and that no matter what, she was always there for me. And I am even more thankful that Lyndon and I had those few months with her. I just wish that he would have been old enough to really know her and remember her.

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

It's weird how something random will make ya remember things. I can't believe you caught her kissing her boyfriend in the driveway. Too funny. It's gonna be weird when we are as old as our grandmother's, and just as nutty.