May 4, 2009

I won't be homeless! YAY!

We have been trying to find a house to rent for a while. Now that they are tranfering us to Jacksonvillethough, we started searching out there. It wasnt going too well at first either. Everything was either tiny or didn't allow pets. That wouldnt have been a big problem except someone just had to have a dog! I must admit although I cant stand having her some times, I have grown attached to her and I didnt want to get rid of her unless we absolutely had to. Well, as I was leaving town one day, I happened to turn down a random street just hoping to see a house for rent. That must have been my lucky day too! I saw this cute little house, nothing too special, and there was a for rent sign in the yard. I called the number and the girl actually had two houses for rent so I set up times to look at both of them. Well, the first house was the smallest thing I have ever been in. I dont think our furniture would even fit in that place and if it did, there is no way we could move around it. Plus it had absolutely no yard. An the bath room wasnt even 2 feet wide! NOOO THANK YOU!!! SO we went to the next one, the one I had originally called about. As soon as we walked in, I was pretty much sold. It was a HUGE laundry room and a HUGE kitchen. I havent lived in a place with a big kitchen since my parents house. I'm so tired of these little ass closet size kitchens. They asked how we liked it and if we had any questions. That's when I thought my stupid husband screwed it up for us. I hear the words, "What about pets?" come out of his mouth. I swear if looks could kill, he would be dead right now. He then proceeded to tell them that we had a Siberian Husky. The guy was so not happy about us having a dog either. Yep, that is it. We arent getting this house. I was so disappointed. Then a few days later, I got a call from the guy asking if he could drop off a form for me to fill out. I thought they just wanted to come by to see if we kept out house clean. Turns out, there really was a form. It was about the dog too. I figured if they had already ruled us out with the dog then they wouldnt have bothered bringing that by. The next night, the hubby was telling me about the guy calling the office that day to verify his employment stuff. And as we were talking about it, my phone started ringing. It was the guy! He called to tell me that they just finished going through the applications and we were at the top of their list. We got it! I'm so excited! I was really starting to stress out that we wouldnt have any where to live after this month. Thank god, I wont be homeless!

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

yay put pics of when you get to take some of it!!