Mar 13, 2009

Emily will be so thrilled..

I finally went to David's Bridal today. I tried on the dress and went ahead and ordered it. It so much prettier in person too. Not that I didn't think it was before. It should be here around April 24th or so they told me. You never can trust those people though. Hopefully they don't screw up everything and loss my dress or something. But anyway, that was it. I thought Emily would like to know so she didn't have to worry about it anymore. And I even took a picture..although I was talking and making faces and didnt realize Vickie was taking the picture yet. Ha ha, oh well.

Also, a few pictures of Lyndon from the store. They arent great but like before...he is a wiggly 2 yearold and its with my camera phone.


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

good thing yellow isnt the dress color, that is worse than pale pink on us haha. oh and look who's getting skinny! davids is crazy they told laura the same time and she ordered forever ago.

..i see lyndon is taking up the bunny ears now, poor kid is gonna end up just as crazy as us haha

Erika said...

Here comes Peter Poo Poo Tail. Hopping down the Poo Poo Trail. Hippity Hoppity, poop in everyone's purse!
You are looking SOME kinda good girl! Even in that ugly color dress!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Happy Birthday Lyndon!

Erika said...

Damn you Emily! I was gonna be the first one to tell him Happy Birthday on their blog! Well, at least I didn't jump the gun...I'm wishing him Happy Birthday on his actual birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNDON!!!!! (yes, I was he could hear me way up there in Illinois)