Sep 14, 2009


Just a little update about my last post. No, I haven't decided what he is going to be yet. However, I told his daddy about the Swiper costumes and showed them to him. With out any hesitation, he told me to buy the $130 one! WHAT!?! Are you serious! It's 130 dollars...not monopoly money!!!! Although I am really tempted to just because he said I could, I cant bring myself to spend that much a costumed he'd wear one year. Granted, I'm sure he would get his use out of it and wear it everyday until he grew out of it. Or, I could sell it on Ebay and make some of that money back. It would kill me to shell out that much money on a costume! I'm just in shock he told me to get it. He has lost his crazy mind!

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Erika said...

and he's known to be really responsible with money, right??!!? But you did have a good point about reselling it on ebay. You could probably get back a little of your money next year...Maybe connor will want to be swiper and you can talk victoria into buying it :)