Sep 11, 2009

The Great Debate

So maybe it isnt a great debate...but whatever. I have been trying to think of what Lyndon could be for Halloween. After thinking for a while, it hit me...a Flying Monkey off the Wizard of Oz. It would be perfect! He is a little evil and we are related to the Wicked Witch (I shall not name her but it shouldnt be hard to figure out). I searched and searched for a cute Flying Monkey costume but with unfortunately I didnt find one that was actually cute and his size. I was very upset. I considering seeing if Lyndon's super sweet Aunt Erika would make him a Flying Monkey costume if I found a good plain monkey costume. I then began to come up with all kinds of random choices. Kangaroo, squirrel, zebra (haha..I bet he would be afraid of it just like his zebra tent). I dont realy want to do a character off of a movie or seems to be what everyone does. I want him to be cute and kind of stand out. Well with his new obsession with Dora, and his constant talking about Swiper the Fox, I thought that would be extremely cute. I started my search for it which lead me to one of the only Swiper costumes I could is HIDEOUS (yes, thats a picture of it)! It looks like Swiper had rabies or something. I couldnt possibly put my child in that thing! Then I found a this PERFECT one! It looks so much like Swiper, its unreal. I couldnt save a picture of it to put on here because its copyrighted. But the website is..

And as much as I want that costume for is $130! I cant bring myself to spend that much money on a costume he will wear one year! Its insane. Now I'm not sure what he is gonna be and of course his daddy is NO help! Men are useless. But I need ideas...any suggestion?!?


Erika said...

I'm stuck as far as picking a costume for Lily too. I could offer to try and make that cute swiper looks possible, but it might drive me to the brink of insanity trying to make it in time.....or it might end up like this diaper bag that i'm about to start working on any minute now and just get pushed to the side...accidentally. If i think of something for him to be, i'll let ya know...if you think of something for Lily, you let me know

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Omg I love the flying monkey idea! I wore the same costume for prolly 4 years until Mom insisted I couldn't fit in it anymore and was not wearing it. Look for monkey ears and making a tail isn't hard(think that sewless iron on hemming stuff). Just get a pic of the monkey and improvise the whole thing.