May 6, 2009

The Paint Incident...

I have been meaning to post this and have been putting it off. Someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to play in craft paint one day while his mommy was taking a shower.
Usually that mommy waits until he is taking a nap but this day he decided not to nap. This paint happened to be in his closet and had been moved down lower where he could get to it. And he and the dog must have worked together to get in his closet since it is hard to open and there was a box in front of it. But somehow, they got it open.
Apparently at first, paint was just being dumped into the box it was in. That was until someone realized how much more fun it was to sling it all across his room onto his carpet. He and the dog then decided to play all in it. Just as his mommy was getting out of the shower, his daddy was coming in from work and screamed 'WHAT THE HELL?!?' as he was greeted by a blue and green spotted dog.

And that someone was caught with a bottle of yellow paint just in time. A few seconds later there would have been yellow paint slung everywhere too. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of what the dog looked like. However, as you see there are some incriminating photos of that little someone and his room. The funny thing is, he didnt even get in trouble for it. We were too busy trying to get them cleaned before they got it all over the house.

Luckily with the help of acetone nail polish remover, the paint is slowly coming up. He better be glad he isnt old enough to be put to work!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

haha way to funny but poor you for having to clean that up. never would have thought to use nail polish. oh and clem looks naked in the first pic haha

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

happy birthday!!