Mar 3, 2009

Just for Auntie Erika!

Last night when I was talking to my sister Erika, she claimes to have never seen pictures from Halloween. So there they are...ENJOY!

Oh..the countdown for Lyndon's birthday has begun. He told me there is only 26 days left!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I love the one of him by the trash, its so skunk like haha. He is so stinking cute! It doesn't seem like its already been two years.

Erika said...

OK, OK...maybe I did see one or two (i still am not sure that I did) but now I can look at them whenever I want. I'm so glad he told you how much longer he has until his b-day. He must get his intelligence from his auntie Erika! Maybe next year he can be a zebra for Halloween....would he be scared of himself??