Oct 1, 2009

Doggy Jail

Sometime Tuesday afternoon I put our demon dog, Icee outside on her runner. She doesn't go out there a lot but every now and then if she has been trapped up in the house for a while or just really on my nerves I put her on it. Well since the in-laws were here for the weekend, she had been locked up in her kennel quite a bit cause she just wouldn't settle down. So anyway, she had been out there for a few hours and I had went out to check on her every once in a while to make sure she was ok and not tangled around the tree or something. Around 4:30 maybe 5, I went out to get her. As soon as I walked around the garage I knew she was gone. I could tell by how her line was that she wasn't on it anymore. I then noticed a piece of her collar lying on the ground. She had the kind of collar that is loose on her until she pulls against it then it tightens. Great collar...except when you have a dog smart enough to realize she can chew that piece off and set herself free. Me and Lyndon then proceeded to walk to neighborhood looking for her until it started getting darker and pretty chilly. She was no where to be seen! When Clem got home, I made him ride around looking for her...no luck! We asked the neighbors if they had seen her and the guy next door said he had and he tried to grab her but she didn't have a collar one so he couldn't get a hold of her. Well thanks for walking next door and letting us know that earlier!!!!I was surprisingly worried about her that night. It was really cold and I just knew she had gotten in the creek down the road which means she would be a dog-sickle by morning. I tell her all the time to run away but I didn't really mean it. Well yesterday, I called Animal Control aka Doggy Jail to see if maybe they picked her up. I described her, and guess what! They picked her up the night before! Thank god! But since they were about to close and Clem had my car I couldn't go get her until this morning. So after making a trip to Walmart to buy a new collar like that one she had and a metal one for when she is on her line, I picked her up. She was so hyper and excited to see me and Lyndon...and to get out of that cage too I'm sure. She will be making a trip to the vet soon to be micro-chipped since she is an escape artist. She is home though and Lyndon couldn't be happier


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Omg girl, I would have freaked. How were the inlaws? I still haven't talked to his sister haha score! And I have not answered the phone when his brother tried to call...but it would be a cold day in hell if his mother ever got off herself and tried to treat me like I'm married to her son.

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Pop over to my blog I have a blog award for you.